Corporate Concept

Vision Statement

Vibrant People, Beautiful Planet.

Itoki's corporate activities are designed to usher in a dynamic future where lively and active individuals work together for the betterment of a beautiful and sustainable planet.
By embodying the tolerance to accept the diverse values of individuals, we will continue to thoroughly consider the environmental impact of all our corporate activities as we strive to achieve a creative, prosperous, and vibrant society.

Mission Statement

We Design Tomorrow. We Design WORK-Style.

We will strive to support the "work-style" of individuals in an effort to help maintain mental and physical health, to demonstrate powerful creativity while remaining highly productive, and to pave the way for valuable innovation.
With unwavering consideration for the individual, Itoki will strive to design a fulfilling "work-style" that is both innovative and beneficial for the society of tomorrow through our efforts in helping customers create their ideal space, environment, and workplace.