The SYNQA ...

It is a place for projects that share business objectives to achieve open innovation that go beyond corporate frameworks.

It is a place where all sorts of knowledge intermingles, creating concrete breakthrough value.

It is a place with constant discovery, where participants connect casually while exchanging fresh information.

'trans.' (from a cross-organizational, internal exchange format) to 'trans.3.0' (superfluid, external exchange format)

Up to now, Itoki has used a creative concept called 'trans.' which crosses organizations for a diverse exchange of knowledge to produce results. However, in order to respond to the ever more complicated and creative demands of the market, there is a need for communication with an even wider scope of diverse people and information.

It involves building future business not only by improving the liquidity of a limited scope of people and information, but also by having exchange and involvement with the virtually limitless knowledge of outside resources. At Itoki, there was an evolution to trans.3.0 as a creative concept in order to establish an external information exchange system that is even more full of possibility and openness.

Itoki Tokyo Innovation Center SYNQA (sync-a) is a system and a place for making trans.3.0 a reality. By making its own information open, Itoki's innovation doesn't stop within the company, but it also gathers all kinds of new technology and knowledge from outside, which helps deliver optimal value to people with current market needs. Next, we made a way to share thoughts with other understanding company members and a place to explore, create, and implement a new shape for business.

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