1F Work Cafe

A relaxed cafe space that naturally beckons people with careers in beneficial information. It is a place that workers can use without hesitation, and that has a project display that brings a new sense of expectation, books that give excitement, and more.

Concierge Counter

A dedicated concierge that responds attentively.


An exhibition and next-generation presentation space.

Satellite Office

A relaxed cafe space with consideration for influx of information from outside.

Networking Cafe

A large wooden space made to promote interaction between users.

2F Team Lab

A collaboration space equipped with the facilities needed to speed up project work. In addition, various project rooms, salons and seminar spaces allow for exchange of information to derive new ideas.

Project Room

A project space for partners that share business themes.

Incubation Space

A place where incubators can interact when assembled for a project.

Project Booth

A project space similar to a project room. Equipped with video, sound, and ICT facilities.

Incubation Space

A place to activate communication and bring shape to ideas.

Seminar Room

Host to a variety of events, including seminars and workshops.

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