President Message

Changing our “work-style” today to help design our customers' “work-style” tomorrow.

Since its founding in 1890, Itoki has continuously delivered new value to society through “Creation of Spaces, Environments, and Workplaces.” Under a corporate concept of “For lively people, and a green Earth,” we strive to help individuals, business, and society itself to realize a full, rich existence. To make this goal a reality, our daily operations are conducted under our mission statement: “We Design Tomorrow. We Design WORK-Style.”

Never before has how people work been such a central focus. As “Work-Style Reform” becomes a greater social issue, many people are tackling the problem as a management issue. With Itoki taking the lead in designing that “work-style,” we hope to bring about not only improved health and motivation but also demonstrable boosts in creativity and improved productivity, paving the way for truly lasting work-style reform.

As we continue toward our 130th anniversary in 2020, we have set in motion our new medium-term management plan, “Work-Style Reform 130.” To help make this plan a reality, Itoki will open a new Tokyo office in Nihonbashi in the fall of 2018. From the firsthand insight gleaned from its own office building, Itoki will be able to share a wider variety of knowledge obtained through real experiences, ensuring greater potency in its “Work-Style Reform.”

Through intensified functions at the new Tokyo office, Itoki will be able to further accelerate its efforts to change how we work.

As we strive to make “Work-Style Reform 130” a reality, we look forward to creating new value for our customers.

May 2018
Yoshiro Hirai, President