President Message

We Design Tomorrow. We Design WORK-Style.

Since its founding in 1890, Itoki has evolved in line with the changing times and continued to explore new business opportunities through the “Creation of Spaces, Environments, and Workplaces” under the corporate concept of “For lively people, and a green Earth.”

As national efforts for changing work-style take hold throughout the country, Itoki is nearing the final year of its medium-term management plan under the catchphrase “Work-Style Reform 130” leading up to the company's 130th anniversary in 2020. Rather than simply implementing “changes,” the focus on “reform” stems from the company's strong desire to reinvent itself rather than simply to continue along a path set in the past. At Itoki, our motto has always been “We Design Tomorrow. We Design WORK-Style,” and to create new corporate value by transforming the company's own “WORK-Style,” the new Tokyo head office was opened in Nihonbashi in fall 2018 under the name “ITOKI TOKYO XORK.” ITOKI TOKYO XORK focuses on the coexistence of “freedom” and “autonomy” for maximized self-discretion of employees, who are free to challenge new ways of working through the ability to design their own personalized work-style.

The knowledge and firsthand experiences gained through implementing these innovative work styles allow Itoki to provide services beyond the traditional framework-including improved productivity, creativity, and innovativeness, and the improved health of staff, including increased work satisfaction and happiness-while also making it possible for us to deliver a sense of joy not only to customers but also to society as a whole.

April 2019
Yoshiro Hirai, President