A Task chair designed for "Simple", "High Quality" and "Useful". Vento chair brings harmony to office space, comfort to people.

Clear design. That is what Vento is aimed for. It makes extensive use of die-cast aluminum, wide curving lines, delicate edges and nuances generated by the layers, integrated to create a sharp and simple profile. Vento, which means "wind" in Italian, offers comfortable seating in a pleasant office environment.

Choose Stripe Layered Fabric or Plain Mesh.

Automatic Lumbar Tension Mechanism

The built-in lumbar pad pushes the lumbar area of the backrest forward in the upright position while maintaining steady tension.
When reclined, the lumbar area draws back 30mm and the backrest becomes flat, providing even tension. This automatic lumbar tension mechanism maintains the S-curve of the vertebrae in the upright position and straightens when reclined to adjust your posture as best suited for VDT work or rest.

Stripe Layered Fabric

Our proprietarily developed layered mesh. This mesh has a striped pattern of transparent and non-transparent lines. Using stretchable elastomer, non-transparent lines provide soft seating and high durability. There are two color variations, T2 (in black) and T5 (front view in black and back view in gray)

Plain Mesh

This is an evenly transparent mesh with high durability, using stretchable elastomer like the as stripe layered fabric. There are six color variations.

You can choose your optimal waist support point by adjusting the lumbar pad within a range of 60mm.

Ankle Tilt / Synchro-Tocking

The chair back and seat move smoothly with your body. The backrest tilts up to 25� and is synchronized with the backward gliding of the seat.

Bending Seat

The inner shell has subtle variations in thickness and numerous slits. This facilitates ventilation and flexes to fit the user.

Seat Depth Adjustment

Seat depth is adjustable using the left lever under the seat within a range of 50mm (16.5mm pitch).

Adjustable Arm

With soft touch elastomer pads. Adjustable arms improve comfort and reduce stress after long hours of PC work.

This product is GREENGUARD certified.


This product name is the brand name that is used in Japan.