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Office Design

Office Design

Facility management, which takes the business management perspective, and integrates and applies planning, operation, and management as a whole in order to maintain an office in an optimum state (maximum results for minimum cost), is effective for designing an optimal office environment. Itoki, with its rich experience and abundant track record, is your best partner for designing offices utilizing facility management.

Project Management

Achieve consistent project management with Itoki's total solution experience

In-house research is carried out, results are analyzed, and issues are organized.

Planning & Design

Office environments are designed with consideration given to work styles and work processes.

Construction Management

Reliable management of plans, construction design supervision, CM, and relocation.


Visualize the challenges and clarify
the concept of the office

An office should be the place which helps the people who work there maximize their productivity and produce value as a business. To this end, it is necessary to ascertain what our objective is and how we are working or how we have to work to achieve the objective first.

"Programming" offered by Itoki visualizes the issues by employing various investigation methods and supports office creation to bring out the maximum performance of workers.

Work Style

Itoki designs office environments that enable free thinking by taking work style and processes into consideration with our extensive experience and fact-based data.

Free Work Style

Maximize potential with free work styles

In order to maximize the ability of the workers, it's important that they are able to freely choose their own work styles. Itoki presents a Flexible Style concept to promote the happiness that can result from having the freedom to choose.

Conference Room Reform

More efficient meetings with open layout

While someone is in a long meeting, while someone is being assigned a task, while communication is stagnating, the project you're currently debating may be losing value. Speedy progress with projects. This is what the future of meetings must provide.


Maintain a healthy body while working

Workcise is a coined word combining [Work] and [Exercise]. By aptly introducing workcise into the office environment where we spend the majority of our time in a day, we aim for the enhancement of the health of body and mind while providing favorable effects to work.

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