Would it be called the completion of an optimal office environment if the desks with the latest design, comfortable task chairs, PCs and a network environment are provided? The answer is "NO."

An office should be the place which helps the people who work there maximize their productivity and produce value as a business. To this end, it is necessary to ascertain what our objective is and how we are working or how we have to work to achieve the objective first.

"Programming" offered by Itoki visualizes the issues by employing various investigation methods and supports office creation to bring out the maximum performance of workers.

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Starting Point of The Office Creation

Starting Point Of The Office Creation

It is important to define the design requirements at the starting point to create the office which brings out the maximum performances of workers.

The process of defining the design requirements by visualizing the issues to be resolved and linking them to the following plan is called "programming," which is derived from the meaning of the English word "program" (plan, schedule).

Programming = To define the requirements by visualizing the issues.

Office creation flow

Programming is the important starting point which decides the future of the office creation.

Identify the issues Programming

Programming Flow

Basic flow

Top interview Individual Questionnaire Questionnaire by Department Department hearing Employee-participated workshop Configure a flow suitable for each client.

Programming Details

CEO Interview

Develop a deeper understanding of the organizational vision and issue recognition by confirming the requirements identified from a management viewpoint for the new office and formulate a project goal and concept.

Department Hearing

Clarify the issues lying in the office space and the structure to support the business activities identified by the department leaders with a management viewpoint and the individual workers with an on-site viewpoint.

Questionnaire By Department Questionnaire By Department

Investigation of the meeting / conference frequency

Conduct a questionnaire survey by department. Grasp the actual frequency of the meetings, visitors and events, and then calculate the required number and capacity of the meeting spaces and conference rooms.

Investigation of the volume of the documents and articles

Conduct a worker survey to quantitatively grasp the current volume of the documents. Utilize the survey results, after being analyzed by a consultant with filing system leadership experience, to review the cut-down ratio and document management structure.

Investigation of the inter-department communication rate

Conduct a questionnaire survey by department. Clarify the correlation in the business-related communication among the departments as the basic information for the communication plan.

Individual Questionnaire Individual Questionnaire

Investigation of the work characteristics peculiar to the type of work

Conduct an individual worker survey. Grasp the work characteristics of the office workers through the composition ratio by work location/work breakdown and then clarify the worker's behavioral pattern by department and type of work.

Investigation of the worker satisfaction rate

Conduct an individual worker survey. Identify the priority of the issues lying in the current office and clarify the most effective order of the issues to be resolved.

Investigation of the document management awareness

Improve the management method by identifying the issues of the documents occupying a wide area through examining not only the "volume" of the documents, but also the "quality (work efficiency/information management)" such as the document management method and/or current referencing conditions of the documents.

Employee-Participated Work Employee-Participated Work

Benchmark of the other companies' examples

Search for the best practices to resolve the issues identified in the project through examining the latest examples of the other companies and/or the results of the research and investigation being conducted by various institutions, while considering the social conditions surrounding the businesses.

Concept formulation workshop

Formulate the concept based on what needs to be realized in the new office through the contents of the top interview in a worker-participated workshop. Make smooth expansion in the company by using structuring and keywords

Necessary functions examination workshop

Expand the images of the space and activity scenes necessary to realize an ideal office environment. Support the participants to actively generate the new ideas by using the tools which make the discussions active.