Privacy Policy

1. Acquisition and use of personal information

We collect, use, and provide personal information based on a clear purpose of use. We have a system in place to ensure that each department that handles personal information does not deviate from this.

2. Management and storage of personal information

Personal information is managed securely, and safety control measures are in place to prevent leakage, destruction, or damage of the personal information. Any problems will be dealt with quickly, with corrective measures taken to prevent any recurrence.

3. Compliance with laws and regulations

We comply with the applicable laws and regulations, and guidelines and other rules established by the government with respect to the handling of personal information.

4. Handling inquiries and complaints

We will respond quickly with an established system for receiving and handling inquiries and complaints regarding the storage of personal information.

5. Continuous improvement of the personal information management system and mechanism

We will continuously improve the personal information storage management system and mechanism.

Date of enactment: June 1, 2005
Date of revision: March 25, 2015
Itoki Corporation
President: Yoshiro Hirai