Creating personalized ways of working with diverse workspaces inside offices

With Knot Work, “fora” are created where people and their ideas can intermingle.

Naturally creating connections between people with ideal senses of distance

This is a space with the sensibility of a café, in which island counters are used. When workers are sitting on high chairs at about the same eyelevel as people standing around the counters, this creates opportunities for conversation.

Making work smoother and more efficient, and with good usability unhindered by rules

The large tables can be used for multiple purposes, such as concentrating on work alone and then having a casual meeting nearby. Thus, these serve as spaces with good usability that can be utilized for various scenarios.

Good for holding focused meetings in a relaxed comfortable environment

This sofa is modeled after the box seats at family restaurants. It enhances communication as a space that is good for holding meetings where focus is maintained but in a relaxed comfortable environment.

Side-by-side communication for conversing with feeling of openness

This is a sofa corner with a gentle arch-shaped layout. Communication is side-by-side rather than face-to-face, and this helps make conversations livelier and more open.

Coordinating offices with three color tastes


This is an industrial taste based on vintage woods and black, for a complete change of office atmosphere. This workshop-like space stimulates the creative mind.


This features a coordination of wood-grain textures that can be used in all types of spaces, with accent colors that provide ideas and inspiration. Vividly colored chairs and cushions are also incorporated in order to create a space that is rich in creativity


This is a sophisticated, yet soothing taste that creates a space where workers can relax. It can also deepen their ideas and make them feel more comfortable sharing their frank opinions. Color variations are offered that go well with conventional office furniture.
*The cushions are custom made.

Creating spaces where ways of working can be realized that are different than those in offices with assigned seats

Big table

High table, double-sided type with panel legs

Island-type counter




Lounge chair


Café table

Semi-closed meeting set

Personal table

Screen panel

Counter table

Open shelf

This product name is the brand name that is used in Japan.

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