Workstations that can be rearranged in accordance with scenarios, in order to accommodate ever-changing ways of working

At offices, ways of working are constantly changing in accordance with scenarios and phases.
In the case of fixed-position workstations, people have to move to a different work location for each scenario, and when there are increases or decreases in personnel, layouts need to be changed, which takes time and effort.
Meanwhile, the concept of ActiveField is “mobility.”
These workstations, which can be easily moved around according to people’s objectives, are able to flexibly accommodate the ever-changing ways of working of organizations.

Office work spaces

These workstations, which are made up of group tables with four legs, have a sleek and elegant appearance.
Features include hanging-bar attachments and rolling computer racks, for supporting the use of desktop computers.

Solo work spaces

These solo work spaces, which are for carrying out work in a focused manner, clearly divide the areas of workers with desk panels.
Visual separation of each individual helps to enhance concentration.

Group work spaces

At these spaces, information tools, such as tables and display stands that facilitate the exchanging of opinions, vitalize communication and enable the holding of informal meetings.

Seminar spaces

These days, company seminars often incorporate lectures and group work.
At these spaces, foldable tables make it possible to adjust the seating according to the number of participants, and table sideboards that cover leg areas can be provided.


This product name is the brand name that is used in Japan.