Integrated-type office systems with wide-ranging designs and materials

Perfect for diversifying workplaces


These workstations enable the creation of casual workplaces with a feeling of warmth.


These workstations fit well with, and can be arranged in any type of space.


These workstations enable the creation of refined workplaces.

Meeting style

This setup creates a casual, friendly atmosphere, and is just right for both informal communication and formal meetings.

General office work style

The high-quality atmosphere of this setup stimulates the minds of workers, thereby boosting motivation and the performance of individuals.

Executive’s office style

This setup features a design that is related to that of general office-work spaces, and it helps create a high-quality space that supports decision-making by management-level workers.

Touchdown style

This setup features a large table with wooden legs that has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. It enhances the quality of communal spaces and boosts the motivation of workers.

Personal style

Unifying mindsets is an essential part of vitalizing organizations. This setup enables team members to work together in the same space, and demonstrate leadership with a sense of unity.

Manager style

This setup consists of a management desk with storage that can be placed in the same area as general employees. As such, it promotes smooth, open communication.

The table leg designs highlight the materials, and the genuine materials help create spaces with a sense of richness.

A lineup of fabrics with distinctive textures is offered. These fabrics help create high-quality workplaces and stimulate the minds of workers.

A lineup of tabletop colors that are easy to coordinate with interior designs is offered. Meticulous attention has been given to matching the textures with the table leg designs.


This product name is the brand name that is used in Japan.