A design for showing hospitality, with both gentleness and beauty.

Concentration and relaxation, strength and flexibility. Providing the user with both extremes of functional beauty demanded of an office chair, with a hidden beautiful design that gently nestles up to the sitting user. Offers refreshing comfort to all office workers.

Passive Slide Seat & Active Lumbar Support Mechanism

The seat sinks down and slides back when sat upon with the passive slide seat (PSS) mechanism, and the active lumbar support (ALS) mechanism means the lower back portion of the seat back protrudes to support the lumbar area when seated, automatically adjusting to compensate for changes in seating position or posture. Further, the round top bending (RTB) function makes use of the supple bending characteristics of resin for comfortable sitting.

Automatic Tension Rocking 

The rocking mechanism automatically adjusts to the body type and weight of the user without having to manipulate the strength settings.

Back View (Choose From Four Seat Back Types)

The seat back comes in two varieties that can be chosen according to personal preference: a casual mesh back type and a cloth type for soft sitting comfort.

Select Type

This lineup features a molding attached to the seat back frame and aluminum legs to create a sense of luxury.

This product is GREENGUARD certified.


This product name is the brand name that is used in Japan.