High-performance chair embodies functional beauty in its design.

There are a number of reasons for the beauty of this chair. One is that its design ensures freedom of body movement. Another is advanced functionality that aims for comfort and fatigue resistance. These qualities result in a chair that stands out from the rest.

Fit & Free

The design provides robust lumbar support, thus minimizing the feeling of fatigue caused by lower back movement. At the same time, the back of the chair tapers off toward the top, setting the shoulders and arms free. This allows the user to easily stretch out while remaining comfortable in the shoulder area.

Ankle-Movement Synchronized Rocking System

The back and seat tilt to align at an ideal angle, with the ankle serving as a fulcrum. The back can be tilted up to 20�. A stopper mechanism is available to fix the angle of the rocking at the preferred position.

Individual Backrest Angle Adjustment

With the popularization of laptop computers, it has grown more important to offer support for a forward-leaning posture. With this feature, it is possible to adjust the angle of the backrest to fit individual differences, providing not only lumbar support but support for the entire back area, as well.

Three Back Types to Choose From

Mesh Back Type

The mesh back enables air to pass through for added comfort while providing strong support from the lower to the upper back. The surface configuration of the backrest provides gentle support over a broad area.

Cloth Back Type

The inner shell envelops the body and responds flexibly to changes in posture. There are both high-back and low-back types.

This product is GREENGUARD certified.


This product name is the brand name that is used in Japan.