Mesh. Light. Just right.
A task chair that brings a fresh feel to the workplace.

Clean design, advanced ergonomic functionality, for enhanced work focus.

This task chair’s flexible multifaceted mesh seatback automatically adjusts to your sitting position, comfortably supporting your lower back throughout the day.

Resin Mesh Seatback

The sheer material blends quietly into any workspace.

Pelvis Support System

The sides flex inwards to support your lower back according to the angle at which you sit.

Four Legs

Slim design featuring aluminum legs.

Fixed Armrests

Support for your arms when using a computer or tablet device.

Textured Fabric

The cloth gives the chair a casual, sporty look.

Adjustable Height

Features an intuitive loop that you pull to adjust the height. (Five leg model only.)


This product name is the brand name that is used in Japan.