A smart chair with a new kind of comfort to select by scene and style

Smart design stripped of decorative elements with specifications and fabric options for every work scene allows the levi to be integrated into various spaces

Simple in form, spectrum of styles


Gusseted and single stitched for a finish that shows attention to detail


Beautifully pared back, sophisticated frame design—the pinnacle of simplicity

Cantilever structure

Smart cantilever seat with a free-floating appearance

Buttoned finish (SB fabric only)

Playful buttoned finish to complement casual spaces

Fabric color

Fabrics in fine textures and a broad color palette

Smart adjustments for comfort and function

Seat height

Gas spring lever for adjusting seat height

Smart rocking

Automatic rocking function for comfort when working

Cantilever seat (forward tilt)

Smooth forward tilt for desk work

Cantilever seat (reclining)

Seat sinks gently under body weight for seating comfort

Auto return mechanism (4 legs)

Seat returns to original position after the user swivels to stand up

Versatile specifications for coordination across the office.

Armrest and leg specifications can be configured to suit the work space, meeting space, and conference room, so the levi can be coordinated across the office.

This product is GREENGUARD certified.


This product name is the brand name that is used in Japan.