Gentle seat comfort for both the sitter and those nearby.

The nona is a chair that is gentle on both the sitter and those nearby.
It brings many kindnesses to the office.

Fit & Free

Supporting the Body and Maintaining Comfort with Back Mesh and a Curved Shape

The back and lower back are solidly supported, while the shoulders and arms are free.
Even when turning around or looking sideways, the seat back never fails to offer support.

Free Shoulder and Arm Movement

The backrest gets narrower as it goes up, so the lower back is held firmly while the shoulders and arms have more freedom. This chair supports smooth office work.

Comfortable and Space-Saving Rocking

Dual Motion Rocking

The lower back is firmly supported while the seat is designed to slip forward. It keeps a sense of stability while securing more space at the rear than conventional chairs, even in narrow spaces.

Remain in Visual Range of the Computer

Even if the seat back is reclined, the arms don’t extend completely, maintaining nearly the same distance from the screen, reducing fatigue from long hours of computer work.

Compact Design

Designed with a Compact Body and Legs

At a width of 1800mm (is over 1710mm), three legs will fit under a folding table.

Adjustment Mechanism

Rocking Stopper

The rocking angle can be fixed at the initial angle.

Gas Spring Height Adjustment

Adjust the seat height with a lever.

Instruction Manual

There is an instruction manual under the seat. Check operation methods at any time.

Armrest Adjustment

The armrest can be adjusted vertically, as well as back and forth and left to right in a rotating fashion, allowing for the appropriate height and angle for each user.
*Only with adjustable armrest model

Easy-to-Pull Handle

By using the handle on top of the backrest, move the chair smoothly even for short distances.


This product name is the brand name that is used in Japan.