Dynamic and supple body fit achieved with unique frame together with mesh that physically supports workers throughout the day

The Sequa chair combines a unique back frame and mesh material to help workers maintain their ideal body posture, and is thus the ultimate task chair.
The frame features hinges that workers can adjust according to their body posture and linked mesh-tension adjustments, and thus fits to the body in a supple manner.
Furthermore, this chair is equipped with a pelvis support system and meets lumbar support standards for position adjustability. The three modes of “concentration,” “relaxation,” and “refresh,” help physically support workers throughout the day.

Body position support that can be adjusted according to the work scenario

Work scenarios often include carrying out desk work in a focused manner, chatting with colleagues while relaxing, resuming office work while maintaining a relaxed body posture, and stretching out the body in order to refresh oneself during breaks. Body positions during such work scenarios can be accommodated with the three modes of “concentration,” “relaxation,” and “refresh.” The chair naturally moves between modes for thorough support the body, and no adjusting is required.

Concentration mode

When in a body posture for doing office work, the lumbar area of the back frame moves inward and the tension of the mesh is reduced. This increases the surface area of the mesh cloth that is in contact with the body, which supports the lower back by wrapping around it.

Relaxation mode

When in a slightly backward-leaning posture in which bodyweight is shifted toward the backrest, the lumbar area of the back frame moves outward. This increases the tension of the mesh cloth, which thoroughly supports the lower back as well as the back overall.

Refresh mode

When bodyweight is shifted toward the top of the backrest in a backward-leaning motion, the backrest tilts backward an additional 10°. This moves the lumbar area of the back frame and further increases the tension of the mesh, which shifts the lumbar support forward and assists with stretching of the body by pushing directly against the lower back.

Smart pelvis support: supporting the body in accordance with body position

Flexible bending frame , Adjustable lumbar support

The back frame automatically shifts and the lumbar support moves forward or backward in accordance with the tilt of the back, which supports the body when in various postures.

Large backward-tilting angle

When leaning backward at an angle of 23°, the chair tilts backward an additional 10°. This makes it possible to thoroughly stretch the body, and refresh oneself in nearly a lying-down position.

Linked seat and backrest

The chair’s seat and backrest are linked, which eliminates the gap between back and the chair during stretching, thereby supporting the lower back.

Lumbar support for the back and lower back

Lumbar support

The chair pushes against the curve of the spine during sitting. This supports the spine and extends it to form an “S” curve, which is the ideal body posture, thereby reducing strain on the lower back.

Adjustability in accordance with body position

Workers can adjust the position of the lumbar support by up to 60 mm in 7 steps in according to their body position. Also, the backrest locks into place when bodyweight is shifted back against it.

This product is GREENGUARD certified.


This product name is the brand name that is used in Japan.